Environmental Consulting and Testing

Aquatic Testing Apparatus

We design and construct testing apparatus

ECT is experienced in the design and construction of testing apparatus. ECT can provide custom testing/culture apparatus such as:

Medaka Exposure Tanks
Glass tanks with smoked and/or frosted sides allowing culture techniques for producing Japanese medaka, Oryzias latipes. These tanks are built in accordance with U.S. EPA's recommended methods for said culturing.

Proportional Diluters - Modified Mount - Brungs

Mini Diluters - Benoit
Diluters are useful for flow-through tests to deliver five different concentrations and a control to two or more replicates. They are used to maintain adequate test conditions and to maintain chemical concentration in exposure tanks.

Sediment - Water Renewal Systems - Benoit - Zuwalt
Renewal systems are used to maintain water quality in whole sediment toxicity testing.

Made from glass or Plexiglas to deliver 15 mls of test water into 10 C. dubia beakers or cups simultaneously. This dispenser is a time saver for either single animal cultures or testing.

Medaka Exposure Tanks

Medaka Exposure Tank